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Do you want to learn how to create and maintain a great web site with lots of compelling features to gain excellent results for your product, service or company or your own enjoyment?

WordPress Seminars can help you to do just that in an easy, interactive course that includes invaluable instructor access afterwards.  Instructors Sean Glumace (Glumace.com) and Adriano Tosi (easywebsitessolutions.com) have joined forces to present a cutting edge seminar that will expand your abilities in this important realm of marketing and communications. A website helps your reputation and credibility and that of your company, locally and around the world.

What our attendees are saying about our services

This was a great event. Sean provided solid info, content and value. For anyone not knowing "where" to start with WordPress, this is just what they need. You could walk out with your blog/website started. For those that were already engaged, they could sharpen up needed skills and learn more. Would heartily recommend this for anyone wanting to "get" WordPress and would readily attend future events. From Meetup.com

Staff was welcoming. Seminar very informative; loads of content to compress into 3 hours but quality was great. Location easy to find, check-in was easy. Even though the seminar went longer than scheduled, I think the pace of instruction was perfect for me. I'm very fired up to become an expert with WordPress! From Meetup.com

An incredible success! Over 50 people showed up to learn about WordPress. Congratulations to Easy Websites Solutions and their instructor! Stay tuned for the next WordPress Seminar later this year. From Meetup.com

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Our commitment is to teach cutting edge expertise in content management systems via WordPress, making this expertise both available and understandable to anyone who wants to enhance their web site(s) in such a way.

Terms Of Services

Our intention is to provide online marketers and small businesses with Internet specific infrastructure to successfully build, promote and market their business.  We have developed our own unique and educational training program.  Some of the services in our training program include:

  • Community “public” seminars
  • Private seminars (for individuals and companies)
  • One-on-one training
  • Workshops
  • Special technical support
  • Complete website development
  • E-commerce

Minimum WordPress training sessions are 3 hours; if you need less than 3 hours please contact us. Most of our students take 2 to 4 sessions to learn WordPress and it is all depends on what they want or need to learn. We cannot guarantee that you can or you will learn all about of WordPress in one session. Every student is different in terms of their learning process and they may have different topics that they would like to learn. All the topics to learn mentioned on our website, are not necessarily the items you will learn in the session. The topics are suggestions that you can learn. WordPress is evolving every day and there are items that students will learn as they go.
SeminarsWP does not provide any training or class for ADA and WCAG compliance guidelines standards for websites. SeminarsWP is not liable for any lawsuits that arise to the student/client in regards of any but not limited to ADA and WCAG compliance issues reading the website accessibility. It is the student/client responsibility in obtaining information on ADA and WCAG guidelines standards for website accessibility.

SeminarsWP intentions are not to build a website, training coding, but not limited to a training sessions. SeminarsWP training sessions intentions are to overview Web Hosting, WordPress Software, Plugins and themes.

All SeminarsWP sugestions, like WordPress software, themes, plugins, web hosting, free images but not limited to a training session suggestions are only suggestions and not obligations or mandatory items to have. It is 100% student/client choices and decision on what they acquire for there website but not limited to the training session. SeminarsWP is not liable for any issues, malfunctions, hosting, theme, WordPress but not limited on student/client decisions.

WordPress, plugins, themes and website issues.

We don't repair any issues from WordPress, plugins, themes and website but not limited in the WordPress training session. If you need to repair or fix any issues or errors regarding your WordPress, plugins, themes and website in general, please contact us.

Working on students current websites

In cases, where you would like to learn about your existing WordPress site, you will need to send us all the necessary admin credentials prior to the day of the session. We will need to look at what your current WordPress site has, such as plugins and functionalities, so we can teach you based upon that. If admin credentials are not received prior to the training day we won’t be able to see your website functions and all the items you need to learn about your own WordPress site, which this will lead to a longer session or unable to address all the items you will need to learn.

We will be sending you instructions on how to create a user for us, that way you won’t share your own and personal admin credentials. After the WordPress session is done you must deleted the user and credentials that you had created for us.

Students need to be aware that issues could arise working on their own website. If any issues arise during the training session and website functionality gets broken we will analyze the issue and advise the student accordingly. It is not the instructor’s responsibility and liability if the website functionality gets broken. You must have a backup of your own website and hosting information ready to act accordingly.
Any money collected, but not limited to WordPress Training session is non-refundable, unless the training was canceled.

We have been teaching WordPress to students for the past 9 years and never had any issues or website malfunctions with any of our student websites. We are here to help you and teach you all about WordPress, Plugins, Themes and how to work with them.

Thank you and we are looking forward in teaching all about WordPress!


Student/client or any person joining or attending the training session acknowledge that SeminarsWP is not liable for loss of or damage to any person(s) and or any property, whether or not such loss and or damage has been caused by any negligence of SeminarsWP and or its employees and or its agents and or its partners or not. SeminarsWP entire liability under any provision of this terms of services is limited to the sum amount paid to the WordPress Training by the Student/client or any person for the training attended. No action or relaxation of any of these terms of services by SeminarsWP will establish a general waiver of these terms and conditions.



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