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Do you need a WordPress Expert? if yes, we are offering our expertise to everyone that needs one-on-one training in WordPress.

If you feel stuck or would like to learn more about WordPress, it is time to get a WordPress Tutoring session.

Minimum WordPress tutoring sessions are 3 hours.

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Why Hire WordPress Expert?
There is a right and wrong way to face a serious problem or marketing opportunity. When you employ a WordPress expert to assist with your project, the worry of not having something done correctly the first time will fade away...

With the internet becoming more and more content-focused,it’s becoming crucial to many owners to have a company blog. One of the most popular website platforms out there is WordPress, and hiring a WordPress expert has been repeatedly shown to be a smart move for people who want to get the most out of their company’s site or blog. In fact, there are many reasons why you should consider having a WordPress expert on your team. Here are some of the most important reasons why.

It will take the guesswork out of the technical side of running a website. Your WordPress expert will handle all the problems that can arise from having a blog, including difficulty with widgets, looking at your blog’s analytic, as well as handling all the maintenance and upkeep. They can also advise you on other technical issues that have to do with building a good WordPress site, too with the right WordPress training

They often have an eye for aesthetics. Humans are visual creatures, and not all of us are gifted with the ability to put together a visually pleasing website. Having a WordPress expert who can help you get the best layout for your site can significantly increase views, positive reviews, sales, and regular readership.

Wanna monetize your blog…? If you want to start making money off of your website without having to offer banner trades to affiliates every five seconds, asking a WordPress expert can be a good way to find out how to get the most out of your endeavors. A WordPress tutoring is an investment that is worth the money for you and your business. A WordPress Expert will offer advice when it comes to choosing the right content to your site.

Boost your traffic and your sales. Many WordPress experts pride themselves on their ability to drive traffic to WordPress sites, as well as their ability to get customers to see the site in question as a professional one. For those who have been having trouble getting the sales and attention that they have been wanting to get, hiring a WordPress expert who really knows their way about professional blogging is a very wise choice.

Skip the learning period. It can take years to learn how to develop a good WordPress blog, and it can take even longer to put your knowledge to good use. Getting a WordPress expert to build your website, guide you on the path to WordPress success, and also get you closer to your goal than doing it the old fashioned way.

Hiring a WordPress expert for a WordPress training is a convenient and smart way to get the most out of using WordPress to promote yourself, your company, and your services. Hiring the right WordPress experts from WordPress Seminars to work for you can improve your your online reputation, and even help you get your company new look. The best part is that hiring a WordPress expert can be very affordable, even for a micro business. So, before you give up the idea of having a great website of your own, hire a WordPress guru. You’ll find it to be easy, cheap, and great for your site.

What to Ask Your WordPress Specialist

Why should I use WordPress?

There are many reasons why you want to use WordPress. The most important one is because WordPress Software is free. You can download the newest WordPress Software version at WordPress.org

You can use WordPress as a regular blog platform or you can create a really cool website with it. The ideas using WordPress are infinite. You have Free WordPress Themes and Free Plugins from WordPress directory to enhance your website or blog as you want it. Also it is easy to use when you get the hang of it.

What do I need to start my WordPress Website?
You will need the WordPress Software a FREE Theme or Premium Theme to be able to work on your website. Another important thing in starting your own website or blog is a WordPress hosting account. If you just want to learn WordPress we can provide you with a practice site.

Do you offer WordPress Hosting?
The hosting company we use for our WordPress websites is Number One Hosting Company which offers WordPress hosting starting at $4.92/m as a starter hosting package, which will handle all that you need for your WordPress website. It is your choice to choose the hosting company for your website.

Do you offer Domain Name services?
Number One Hosting Company offers FREE Domain Name with the purchase of any hosting plan.

What is a plugin?
A plugin is a software that adds extra functionalities and new features to your WordPress website. There are many kinds of plugins, free plugins and premium plugins. The most commons plugins you can add to your website are: Contact Form, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Social Share, Backup, Slider and much more... You name it

What kind of plugins do I need for my WordPress website?
Before you decide what kind of plugin you will need for you website there are a couple of factors to be considered. The first factor is to be really clear on the type of website you need. Is an eCommerce, a membership, a photography, a corporate, a business or portfolio website? The reason for this factor is because you may or not need as many plugins. The second reason is because the majority of premium themes already come with many functionalities so you don't want to overload your website with unnecessary plugins.

Is it affordable to hire a WordPress Specialist?
Yes, we have affordable rates for our are training and services.

Where do we meet for the WordPress Tutoring session?
Our WordPress Training sessions are online and remote. You can be at your house or office or any place that connects with WIFI. No need to travel!

WordPress Help We Offer
Our agency provides WordPress training, support and other WordPress help.

Topics you can learn on our WordPress Training
Web Hosting Help
Operating Systems Overview
Required Software
Domain Name Selection
Existing Hosting Server and Services
Hosting and Control Panel Overview
Email Creation on the Server
FTP – File Transfer Protocol

WordPress Help
Website Type
Existing Web Site Renovation
New Web Site
WordPress Overview
WordPress Installation
Wordpress Dashboard Overview
Wordpress Settings
Child Theme
Backup Buddy
Data Base Backup
Pages Creation
Post Creation
Categories Creation
Drop Down Menu Creation
Types of Themes
Theme Layouts and Selection
Theme Resources
Theme Installation
Plugin Installation
Essential Plug-ins
Plug-in Installation
Plug-in Setup
Contact Form
Social Media Plugin
Share Plugin
SEO Plugin
WP Ecommerce Plugin
Woo Ecommerce Plugin
Anti-Malware Plugin
MailChimp Integration
CSS Modifications
Content Setup
Image Uploading

And much more!

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