Why WordPress training?

Why WordPress? Why should I use WordPress for my online presence?

I already have a website.  Why should I hire a WordPress expert to train me in WordPress?

The key to operating and maintaining a successful Internet presence with WordPress is updating it frequent with fresh content.

Most website owners and managers don’t update their sites as often as they should.  You might change the homepage when you have something new to communicate; but the remaining pages – sometimes 100+ if you have that many – are rarely changed, if ever.  Why do you think visitors frequent your site, sign up to be on your mailing list, or even return once or twice, if you have nothing new for them to view?

WordPress websites must be kept up to date.  The more relevant, fresh and compelling information you offer on your site, the more likely other website owners or bloggers will want to link to yours.  This is essential to achieve high search engine placement and rankings.

Constant updating of your site can be a challenge even if you have your own editing software (which costs several hundred dollars).  It can be a significant financial investment for you or your company.  That’s where WordPress comes in…

We may be able to perform updates on the training day, when the necessary credentials are provided before the training session.

Great Things WordPress Can Do for You…

  • You can log into your website administration from any Internet connected computer or mobile devise and use the most advanced, easy-to-use website editor available.
  • When you save changes, all modifications are published to your site immediately.
  • When it’s time to add more content, you can add as many pages as you need, a new link to the navigation bar will be created automatically.  You can rename all links at any time.
  • Upload new photos to illustrate your web pages or include a slideshow to highlight your business in action, customers, new products or services.
  • Entertain visitors to your website with YouTube videos and a blog.
  • In the rare case that you are unhappy with a newly created page, you can revert to a previously published version with just one simple click.
  • Keep track of who links to your site through “pingbacks” that allow you to see exactly who links to what pages or articles.
  • With a single click, WordPress XML sitemap generator updates and submits your sitemap to Google, Bing and other search engines for new pages and posts.  This can also be set up automatically.
  • WordPress is a blogging platform where your visitors can leave comments and add blog entries if you like, similar to bulletin boards.  Of course, you’re able to edit and filter out unwanted entries thanks to the built-in Akismet span filter that eliminates all spam messages.

I you would like a one-on-one WordPress training contact us today. You will glad you did!

Why WordPress

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    • Free Domain Name
    • 1 Click WordPres Installation
    • 365/24/7 Technical Support
    • 99.9% Server Uptime
    • Immediate Activation
    • Dropbox Backups
    • Free Email Acounts
    • And a lot More!